Welcome to the NyteBrite Landing Page. NyteBrite is a modular component insert designed to enhance under canopy lighting to help increase area safety and customer satisfaction by eliminating bright spots and enhancing the ambient light conditions under and around a market umbrella canopy. Designed for both Commercial and Residential markets, it works with almost any under canopy light unit currently on the market for outdoor market umbrellas and pop up canopies.

NyteBrite also provides brand recognition and advertising opportunities to captive audiences, which are quickly and easily replaced as business demands change. Boost sales with subtle reminders of food and drink specials, upcoming special events. NyteBrite is never obnoxious and always working.

NyteBrite is Made In The USA with high quality materials, and custom fitted for Octagon (8), Hexagon (6), Rectangular(4) and Triangular(3) section canopy frames from most commercial manufacturers. Canopy sizes start from minimum 6 foot diameter, and are designed to increase the under canopy light intensity of most any color canopy, including white. Inserts may be ordered in complete sets (no advertising) or individually (with or without advertising). We recommend a blank insert between each advertisement to avoid crowding. Multiple sets with and without advertising are also available at a discount. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery, as each order is custom made for you.

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