Welcome to NyteBrite, and thank you for visiting our page. To learn more about the NyteBrite products, please visit our “About” page. Here we demonstrate the effectiveness of NyteBrite with before and after pictures, so you can see for yourself why NyteBrite makes your outdoor market umbrella better for night time enjoyment. Pictures are taken with an Apple iPad, brand new batteries installed in the purchased product, and a 9 foot Treasure Garden Collar Tilt market umbrella. All products were purchased directly from Amazon, with exception to Illumenyte, which is still under development. We believe pictures ARE worth a thousand words.

Increase Customer Satisfaction. Increase Safety and Security. Increase Business ROI. Advertise to a Captive Audience. Reduce Operating Costs. PATENT PENDING

Illumenyte from Nytemoods down light

Illumenyte from Nytemoods without NyteBrite

Illumenyte from Nytemoods with NyteBrite

Product 2 down light

Product 2 uplight without NyteBrite

Product 2 uplight with NyteBrite

Product 3 down light

Product 3 uplight without NyteBrite

Product 3 uplight with NyteBrite

Product 4 down light

Product 4 uplight without NyteBrite

Product 4 uplight with NyteBrite

Product 5 down light

Product 5 uplight without NyteBrite

Product 5 uplight with NyteBrite

Product 6 down light

Product 6 uplight without NyteBrite

Product 6 uplight with NyteBrite